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Our aim is to provide meat for those of us who feel uncomfortable about animals farmed for meat production on a large scale: who feel happier knowing that the animals have lived their lives in a stress-free environment that allows them to express their natural behaviour.

Genetically Modified ingredients are now in ordinary animal feeds.
Only organic standards prohibit the use of any GM ingredients, and this is one of the reasons why organic meat costs more to produce.
Buying organic meat directly from the farmer means it is more affordable.

We have an increasing number of customers who are (or were!) vegetarian; often families recognise that their children may need a little extra or do not want to deny their children the experience of eating meat (and sometimes they simply miss the taste of a bacon sandwich themselves!)

We also appeal to those who simply cannot remember what good pork tastes like, and in some cases have stopped eating pork altogether because they are fed up with tasteless meat of poor quality.

Pork is such a versatile meat – from the Sunday roast with all that crackling, a hearty casserole, or barbequed spare ribs, to pork chops bursting with flavour, bangers and mash, and not forgetting, of course, the good old bacon butty!

Try ours and you will be hooked!!